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"We view teachers as the most important professionals in our community, and we will see to it that they perform to the highest possible standards, and are afforded the greatest respect and status."

– Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi

The Teaching and Learning Centre

The Teaching and Learning Centre

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A holistic offering | Re neela thuto e e akaretsang tsotlhe

The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) provides psychological and learning support services to students, teachers, parents and members of the broader Phokeng community.

The centre offers remedial, language and occupational therapy, counselling, and educational psychology. It has two full-time remedial therapists, a full-time occupational therapist, two full-time psychologists and a full-time counsellor, meaning it is able to provide remedial therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy and psychological assessments.

TLC services are geared towards helping students who are struggling, either with their schoolwork or with challenges outside the school environment that have an effect on their schooling. The TLC also deals with disciplinary issues because often where there’s a disciplinary matter, there’s an emotional aspect that needs to be addressed as well.

Another aspect of holistic childcare at Lebone II College is pastoral care. Such care is broad, and includes well-adjusted children who also need care and guidance. It ensures that the needs of all students’ social, emotional and behavioural well-being are met.

In the Lower School, the teachers drive pastoral care; there’s a strong relationship between teachers and parents, and teachers and students. TLC and pastoral services also include career counselling and designing individualised education programmes for students.

In the Upper School, pastoral care is driven through the house system. Under each house director are the tutors, who are each assigned a group of between 10 and 15 students of different grades in the Upper School, and who meet regularly to discuss and guide the behavioural, emotional and social well-being of students in their house and tutor groups.

Lefelo la Pholo Clinic (Wellness Centre)

Lefelo la Pholo Clinic (Wellness Centre)

Lebone II College has a fully equipped clinic, with a staff complement of two qualified nurses and an assistant. The clinic, also called the Wellness Centre, sees to the well-being of all our students as well as our staff members. A doctor visits the school twice weekly, a physiotherapist once a week, and a dentist on a quarterly basis.

The centre, which ensures patient confidentiality, manages everything from treating minor ailments to stabilising a life-threatening situation while getting patients ready for transport to the nearest hospital. It is also fully equipped with a dispensary of over-the-counter medication. The centre conducts screening campaigns throughout the school, and offers flu vaccinations, eye screenings and deworming campaigns.

Students receive comprehensive care at no cost. The centre has two ward facilities, and each ward has an en-suite bathroom. If a day scholar is ill, he or she will receive care and treatment and return to class. If their condition is serious they’ll be allowed to lie down in the ward. If a boarder is too ill to attend school and their home is far away, they will be admitted to the centre for care, observation and monitoring throughout the day. In the evening they will be returned to boarding, and the clinic’s staff remain on call.

The centre offers first aid training – an occupation and safety requirement of the Department of Labour – to staff members and students. The first aid training comprises a 48-hour course that includes practical skills training, though as we host the training within a school setting, it is presented over a six-month period. Staff are trained as a basic requirement, and we offer voluntary training to students in Grades 9, 10 and 11. We encourage those who’ve received the training to become involved in sports events and other activities on campus, so they can put what they have learnt to use.

The Wellness Centre is in the process of introducing more on-site services, so that we can provide healthcare to both our students and our community. This means services will be available to any student who would not ordinarily have access to them. The centre also engages in further community service initiatives, and we partner with organisations such as the Cancer Association of South Africa and the South African National Blood Service, among others.

Continuous Professional Teaching Development (CPTD)

Continuous Professional Teaching Development (CPTD)

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Beyond developing a relevant and innovative curriculum, and equipping our students with 21st-century skills, Lebone II College’s mandate as a community school is to develop its teachers and the surrounding community.

We have a strong focus on developing our teachers’ capacity, and are continuously expanding their knowledge and skills. In addition, we work on growing attributes such as commitment, self-belief and teacher advocacy among our staff members.

Self-actualisation is based on the belief that every person has potential and, given the opportunity, people can grow and develop. For teachers and the process of teaching, this is about having the capacity to facilitate teaching and learning in others.

For teaching and learning to be a success, students also need to be proactively engaged in their own education. This means the teachers themselves must be engaged and curious about learning. Having these elements in place leads to a dynamic environment in which both students and teachers keep an inquisitive nature when it comes to their learning. This is what Lebone II strives for.

We are redefining excellence in education and challenging ourselves to redefine, rethink and reinvent. There’s a strong element of creativity among our students and this, in turn, challenges our teachers to grow towards their creative side.

By incorporating our values in everything we do, we go beyond only creating a dynamic learning environment; we’re growing our students and teachers to be good citizens of not just Phokeng and South Africa, but the world.

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