Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng

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“Shine your light, Lebone, shine your light. Let it shine for all the world to see.”

“Phatsima, Lebone, Phatsima. A le phatsime botthe ba bone.”

- Lebone school song

Our Values

Our values are essential and enduring guiding principles that define how we treat others and the life we wish to create.
Melawana ya rona ya botlhokwa e e re kaelang, e re lemosa tsela ya gore re tshole ba bangwe jang; le ka botshelo jo re batlang go bo aga.

Our values shape the purpose and reality of our school. We not only communicate them – we live and teach them. In addition to equipping our students with skills that will provide them with a solid academic foundation, we teach them our values to foster a sense of belonging at Lebone II, where they support and have respect for one another and the broader school community.

Our values are important to us and are an illustration of what we as a school stand for and believe in. We bring our school values to life through the #livingourvalues campaign, where we explore what each value stands for, and encourage students and teachers to practise these values and live out their meaning.

Values | Ngwao

We believe in - Re dumela go:


We believe in OPENNESS

To change, to new thinking and new ways, to different cultures.


We believe in PASSION

For learning, for teaching, for leading, for one’s heritage and for the future.


We believe in BELONGING

At Lebone II, everybody belongs: parents, teachers, students, community and friends beyond borders.


We believe in RESPECT

Respect for oneself, the individual, human rights, each other, the land, the Royal Bafokeng Nation, the world


We believe in TRUTH

Truth is at the core of everything worthwhile. It is to be encouraged  and honoured at all times.


We believe in SPIRITUALITY

Building on our Christ-centred heritage, seeking and living truth, we embrace people of all faiths and have faith in all people


We believe in VISION

What we do now will shape the future of our nation and even the world. For, ultimately, the world is our community.


We believe in DEDICATION

Dedication to education, fellow teachers, students, the community, Kgosi, the nation


We believe in HUMILITY

Whatever we teach or learn here, we're still people, and part of our community.


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