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“This is not a school for the wealthy; it's a school for the talented, whether you come from a well-to-do-family or a humble background.”

- Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi

A truly African school | Sekolo sa Aforika tota

Lebone II is an African school with a royal heritage, grounded in Setswana culture and shaped by a consciousness of our African context. It is in this spirit that we celebrate difference, and are proud of a student and staff body that is truly diverse.

What makes us unique is our Royal Bafokeng heritage, our service to the community and our approach to education. Lebone II aims to provide the inspiration, education and opportunities that positively influence the Royal Bafokeng Nation and the world.

Our learning environment is dynamic, innovative and creative. We equip our students with the skills, tools and mindfulness necessary for them to complete their academic careers and make a positive contribution to their communities, South Africa and the rest of the world.

A holistic offering | Re neela thuto e e akaretsang tsotlhe

At Lebone II, every child is seen and taken care of. We focus on all aspects of our students’ well-being, combining academic excellence with a comprehensive cultural and sporting programme, as well as pastoral care. Our excellent teaching and boarding facilities further enhance this, and the school allows children to learn, live and grow in an uplifting environment.

Achieving academic excellence | Dithuto tsa maemo a kwa godimo

Lebone II is a research-driven school where high-quality learning programmes are developed in line with international best practices. Ours is a school that encourages curiosity and experimentation while following the example of some of the best educational institutions around the world. We are focused on achieving excellence and our alumni have a strong track record of success. Lebone II’s staff members are an exceptional group of experienced education specialists dedicated to improving education in our school, community and country.

An inspiring campus | Lefelo la boithuto le le nonofatsang

Our school was built to foster a sense of community. We designed the school to take on the shape of a village, where departments are defined as neighbourhoods and the space between is communal and social. We believe that everyone at Lebone II belongs with us and can be uplifted by us, and we welcome them compassionately.

Part of our community | Re maloko a morafe wa rona

Lebone II was founded to inspire, uplift and serve our local community. We have an opportunity to improve the education landscape in and around Phokeng, and we serve as a resource for other local schools. We’re keenly conscious of our impact on our community, and our students and educators are deliberate in initiating community development and outreach programmes that ensure we help our community and remain in touch with its needs.

“I think Lebone II is about building a nation, about giving back to the community.”

- Mme Nhlanhla Phakathi, Setswana teacher.

Shine Your Light - The Lebone II school song

Let us sing of a place
Where stars always shine,
Where the brightness of youth never fades.
Let us sing of a place
Where kings have gone before,
Where hope and faith light the way.


Shine your light, Lebone,
Shine your light.
Let it shine for all to see.
Shine your light, Lebone,
Shine your light.
Let it shine for all the world to see.

Let us sing to our Father
Who shows us the way.
Who guides us so we never shall fall.
We know that in His presence
Our brightness lingers on.
And its here for all the world to see.


Phatsima Lebone
A le phatsime botlhe ba bone
Phatsima Lebone
A le phatsimele 'fatshe lotlhe.

So we travel down this path together.
It's a path that few have walked before.
We're following a light,
A bright and shining flame,
That leads to bright and glorious days.

CHORUS (Repeat 3 times, alternating between English and Setswana)

A le phatsimele 'fatshe lotlhe.
Let it shine for all the world to see.



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