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We are ADAPTABLE AND RESILIENT – in order to adapt to a constantly changing world, you have to change the way you think and act.

Re kgona go TLWAELA LE GO EMELELANA LE MAEMO ka gotlhe – gore re kgone go tlwaela lefatshe le le fetofetogang, o tshwanetse wa fetola ka tsela eo akanyang le e o dirang ka yona.


At Lebone II we encourage our students to embrace a well-rounded life by providing them with the time and support to pursue sporting activities. Our spacious campus and impressive natural surroundings allow us to host a number of prestigious sporting events.

Sport and physical activities are structured differently for Lower School and Upper School students.

At the Lower School, two hours a week are set aside for physical activities during school time, in addition to optional extracurricular sport activities. At the Upper School, sport is built into the timetable, with students being allowed to choose between sporting and cultural extracurricular activities, with each being promoted at particular times of the year.

Students are encouraged to pursue a variety of sporting interests. This provides the opportunity to teach valuable lessons about teamwork and to develop a healthy attitude towards competition.

Sporting and cultural activities available to Lebone II students include athletics, swimming, netball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, tennis, cricket, cross-country, ballet and chess. As part of the local clubs in and around our community that our students have access to, some also participate and excel in activities such as judo, TSKKIA karate, horse riding, and acro and hip-hop dancing.

Hockey is strong at Lebone II and many of our students play for North West province. Soccer, netball, swimming and athletics are also popular, with the Lebone teams competing in many local events.

Running is popular both within the school and the community. The Lebone parkrun sees people from the community and afar joining us each Saturday morning for trail runs through the countryside where Lebone II is situated.

The annual Mathaithai Trail Run & MTB Race is growing in popularity, while our successful annual Nashua seven-a-side soccer tournament brings together 48 primary school teams from Gauteng and the North West.

The school’s culture of excellence is applied to our sporting programmes through the excellent training provided by our teaching team, who remain active, involved and engaged in their respective sporting strengths.

The Royal Bafokeng Nation has invested significantly in a broad sporting programme for children in school, and Lebone II aims to provide opportunities for those children with significant sporting talent to achieve and excel.

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Lebone II Chess Tournament

Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng warmly invites all schools and clubs to participate in the Lebone II Chess Tournament on Saturday, 14 September. More details and the entry form can be found below.