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Our Spaces

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“The College is an expression of our belief that spaces can support value systems, and that architectural design, at its best, can uplift, inspire and empower.”

- Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi

An inspiring campus

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Lebone II College was built to resemble the shape of a village. Departments are defined as neighbourhoods, and the spaces in-between are communal and social.

Ample use of glass maximises natural light in the buildings, particularly the classrooms. The L-shaped classrooms, each with a sliding door that leads to a courtyard with a tree in the middle, allow for a free flow of fresh, cool air from outside and are vibrant, creative learning spaces.

The buildings were designed not to use air-conditioners. Instead, it is envisaged that the trees in the courtyards will continue to grow and in time branch out over the top of the roofs, throwing shade over the buildings. 

The shade in the courtyard allows cool air to flow from the courtyard into the classroom and creates a passive means of cooling for the buildings. Elsewhere around the campus, trees have been planted strategically to provide as much shade as possible.

Our Environment

From our grounds to the way we preserve and recycle water and energy, our physical infrastructure ensures that we have a positive carbon footprint. Our lush landscape – a mixture of wild bush and pristine lawn – is irrigated by rainwater harvested to the ponds and dams on and around the campus. We don’t irrigate with municipal water.

Lebone II has various initiatives to teach our students about their natural surroundings and sustainability. The school has a gardening club, which, among other activities, has planted a green footprint of spekboom near the sports fields. In time, users will be able to view this green spot in the shape of a footprint on Google Earth. We also have our own herb and butterfly gardens.

“Let us create a future that is littered with opportunities, not litter.”

- Atlegang Dikgang, Lebone student

WESSA Eco-schools Programme

Lebone II participates in the WESSA Eco-Schools programme, which accredits schools that make a commitment to continuously improve their school’s environmental performance. This is an international programme that was developed to support environmental learning in the classroom, and is aimed at creating awareness and action around environmental sustainability in schools and their surrounding communities. 

In 2017 Lebone II achieved our Green Flag Award, following our successful participation in the Eco-schools programme for 3 years.

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Outdoor Classroom Day 2019

Across the world annual Outdoor Classroom Day celebrates the importance of outdoor learning and play. Lebone joined the 3.5 million children worldwide who celebrated this special day, which aims to inspire schools and teachers worldwide to make the outdoors part of every child’s day.

At Lebone II, we are fortunate to have outdoor learning opportunities each day in our beautiful, natural spaces. We know that outdoor learning improves children’s health, engages them with learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. Play not only teaches critical life skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity, but is central to children’s well-being and their enjoyment of childhood. That’s the power of outdoors in action!


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