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"Lebone II is here to unite people, to show people hope, to enlighten, to reveal things that people didn't see about the world, about the value of education, about us as people."

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Lebone II College’s boarding facilities are a safe and modern home away from home. Our upmarket apartment-style boarding houses, surrounded by lovely mountain views, provide our students and staff members with comfortable living and communal spaces, where our students enjoy structured guardianship by our caring and supportive boarding staff.

Since opening, our boarding school has cultivated a culture of dignity, respect, and acceptance in which students from all different backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and personalities find genuine community and life-long friendships.

Only students in the Upper School, from Grade 8 upwards, can be boarders. Priority is given to students whose homes are too far for them to commute daily – we have students from as far as Botswana, Lesotho, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Our boarding facilities also accommodate students who are in need of a structured and safe environment to complete their education.

The fact that many of the boarding staff are teachers at the college gives boarders the additional advantage of consulting with them for academic assistance.

Our rooms accommodate between two and eight students, while matric boarders have a single room to allow for a quiet study space. Communal spaces are well integrated throughout the boarding houses, with small courtyards, a kitchen, dining rooms, lounges and pool tables.

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Lebone II is not a traditional boarding school – there’s a concerted effort to ensure that students are appropriately engaged through sporting activities, and community and environmental initiatives. We place a high importance on community service in particular, to sensitise our students to the needs of their society.

The boarding houses have committees, spearheaded by the students, that oversee sporting, academic, cultural and community service activities. These activities, which include trips, form part of the boarding schedule that students adhere to over weekends. Sundays tend to be fairly relaxed, and parents are able to fetch their children for church. Students can also take part in bible studies, as well as alternative value- and moral-based sessions on Sundays.

We have staff development initiatives in place whereby our boarding staff engage with the latest practices and theories in child-rearing and development. This is to better understand what works for children in various age groups and to assist in managing students who come from different backgrounds.

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Lebone II College - Frequently-asked questions on Boarding 2020
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