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Upper School curriculum

Upper School curriculum

The Lebone II Upper School, Grades 8 to 12, follows the Independent Examination Board (IEB) programme. Our curriculum is flexible and consists of best practice national and international models, and allows for innovation and creativity from both teachers and students. We create a rich and fulfilling learning environment that promotes learning-how-to-learn, and we equip our students with the skills required to be their own managers, marketers and global communicators. Teaching is combined with exposure to a wide range of extracurricular activities, both locally and globally, through which students pursue their varied interests. This compelling learning environment is characterised by a spirit of excellence and provides a solid platform from which Lebone II students move to make their mark in the world. 

Our academic programme runs over a 10-day (two-week) cycle of 50 minutes per period, with five minutes between periods (subjects).

Grades 8 and 9

Students in Grades 8 and 9 explore a range of academic and extracurricular activities so that they can make informed decisions regarding their subject selection for Grades 10 to 12. Using this multi-disciplinary approach the focus is on getting students to fall in love with the enterprise of education, and to love learning. This phase also has a strong emphasis on skills development, and by the end of this stage, students need to know how to speak and write clearly, think deeply and be tech-savvy, before transitioning to the FET phase. During Grade 8 and 9 a comprehensive guidance programme is n place to help each student choose their subjects for the FET phase.

Grade 9 Subject Choice for Grade 10 in 2022

Subject Choice Form - Grade 10 in 2022
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Grades 8 to 9 subjects that are compulsory for all students:

·       English (medium of instruction)

·       Setswana or Afrikaans

·       Mathematics

·       Natural Science

·       Global Studies

·       Life Orientation

·       Design and Technology

The students are also exposed to the following semester courses:

·       Music

·       Economic Management Sciences

·       Information Technology

·       Engineering Graphics and Design

Grades 10 to 12

From Grade 10 to 12 our students focus on their core subject choices, whilst enjoying rich participation in many co-curricular offerings in the sciences, arts, humanities and international relations, including academic outings and subject-specific camps. 

In Grade 12 our students focus on their preparation for the IEB examinations. For the past 9 years our Grade 12 students have achieved a 100% pass rate in the final examinations, with the majority securing bachelor’s degree passes. Our students widely achieve subject distinctions and score top marks in Mathematics Olympiads and Science expositions.

View our 2021 Matric results here.

Subject Choices

Subject Choices

Grades 10 to 12 subjects that are compulsory for all students:

·       English (medium of instruction)

·       Setswana or Afrikaans

·       Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

·       Life Orientation

Grades 10 to 12 elective subjects:

One subject from each line must be selected (three in total).

Upper School - Code of Conduct

We believe  that Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng is a great place to learn, and that our students have a right to feel safe, happy and valued here.

In the Upper School all students subscribe to the Upper School Code of Conduct, which is designed to help them understand their rights and responsibilities at our school, and creates a support structure to assist them toward becoming responsible citizens.

Lebone II College - Upper School Code Of Conduct
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Sport and GEAR (Grow, Explore, Achieve, Respond)

Sport and GEAR (Grow, Explore, Achieve, Respond)

All Upper School students participate in extracurricular sport and GEAR (Grow, Explore, Achieve, Respond) subjects for three afternoons each week. Students register for their choice of exciting GEAR subjects each term, which cater to various academic, arts, culture, community and sports interests.

Grade Camps

At the start of each academic year all Upper School students attend Grade Camps, which vary in length and activities according to grades. These fun camps serve to develop an identity and camaraderie in each grade, and enhance leadership skills amongst the students. Focus at the camps is also placed on enhancing a positive school community and school culture, where students understand both their freedom and their responsibilities .

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Exchange programme

Exchange programme

In Grade 10 we expose students to the international community through the school’s exchange programme. Through this programme students have an opportunity to travel internationally, and this enables them to engage in dialogue with the world and other schools on the continent.

The programme allows students to immerse themselves in other cultures; in some instances, they live with host families and participate in cultural festivals.

Students apply to take part in the international programme while still in Grade 9. Our exchange programme covers four countries – France, Ghana, India and the United States of America. Our next phase of exchanges will be geared towards expanding into Africa and the East. Ultimately, we are developing a worldwide exchange programme, with a mix of developed and developing countries, as part of the offering.

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