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Parents, guardians and families are an important part of Lebone II – College of the Royal Bafokeng. In entrusting your sons and your daughters to us, you entrust us with more than their education.

Their formative years at school shape their futures; it is in these years that they learn how to be a part of the school community, both inside and outside the classroom.

Parent Interactions

At Lebone II, we welcome parents on the journeys that their children take. We share parents’ concerns and run orientation and fun days, as well as Parent Interactive Evenings (PIE), where our educators are able to communicate with and support parents in their role.

We enjoy children welcoming their parents into their learning space, an ethos that is supported by our annual student-led conference. We hope that in supporting you, you are able to be a part of our community too, and that together we can guide your children on their educational journey.

D6 Communicator

The D6 School Communicator Application (App) is the primary tool Lebone II uses to impart information to our parents. We warmly ask that all Lebone families ensure they have installed this App on mobile devices and desktop computers in order to stay up-to-date with relevant school news, calendar events, resources and more. 

You can download the App here:

A step-by-step D6 installation guide can be downloaded below:

Lebone II College - D6 Communicator User Guide