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Lebone II Archive

Launched in 2018, the Lebone II Archive aims to collect photographs, documents, publications, written histories, memorabilia, student works and other records that document the activities of our staff and students throughout the school's history.

We invite archive submissions from our Lebone family, including our alumni, former staff and friends of the school, in order to create a substantial, varying and exciting archive collection.

  • Photos - kindly upload in the highest resolution available. Please substantiate photos with names, dates and details as far as possible.
  • Documents, Publications, Student Works - relevant documents and publications such as event programmes, yearbooks, curricula, posters and others can be uploaded in high-resolution. Alternatively, the physical items may be donated to the school, or lent to the school for a digital copy to be made.
  • Written Histories - we welcome your Lebone memories! Please ensure that you include your name and the years you attended, worked at, or were involved with the school.
  • Donations of Memorabilia - if you would like to donate items that are related to the school's history kindly let us know the details of your donation and we will contact you.

Please upload your archive submissions via the form below.

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