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The 8th annual Mathaithai Trail Run & MTB Race takes place on Saturday, 26 October 2019. 

Mathaithai Trail Run Presented By Lebone College Of The Royal Bafokeng
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Mathaithai 2019 Entries

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Mathaithai Trail Run Events 2019

Web Run Icons 20Km


The 20km Tshufi Hill Challenge route takes runners from bushveld through gum plantation to spectacular indigenous forest and on up to the very top of Tshufi Hill, which affords fantastic views. The trail is mostly a single track and is highly technical in parts due to gradient, boulders and loose gravel. For experienced runners only. The Challenge starts at 07h00. 

Categories: Open, Vet (40+), Master (50+), 1st Junior (<19)

Download: Route Map - 20km Tshufi Hill Challenge Run
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Web Run Icons 10Km

The 10km Trail Run takes runners via a well-worn path through indigenous bush veld that surrounds Lebone II College, through gum plantation to spectacular indigenous forest, heading for high ground above the school and then winding downward toward the main gate.
The Trail Run starts at 07h45.

Categories: Open, Vet (40+), Masters (50+), Junior (<19)

Download: Route Map - 10km Trail Run
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Web Run Icons 5Km


The 5km Fun Run is ideal to run or enjoy as a family walk.  The easy trail takes you through the indigenous bushveld that surrounds Lebone II College and is suited to junior runners and those out to enjoy the beauty of the area on a leisurely stroll. The Fun Run starts at 08h30

Categories: 1st Open, Junior (<19)

Download: Route Map - 5km Fun Run
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Web Run Icons 2Km


The 2km Kiddies Walk is ideal for our youngest participants who are too little to complete the 5km race. This easy trail takes you through the Lebone II campus and some indigenous bushveld, and is suited to families with small children.
The Kiddies Walk starts at 08h40

Mathaithai MTB Events 2019

Web Ride Icons45Km

The 45km marathon Mathaithai Challenge is regarded as a fast race with only 600 meters of total vertical ascent. The race starts and finishes at Lebone II College and the route covers dirt roads, jeep tracks and some exhilarating single track on both the northern and southern side outside the school premises.  For experienced cyclists only.
The Mathaithai Challenge starts at 11h00.

Categories: Open, Junior (15-19)

Download: Route Map - 45km Mathaithai Challenge Ride
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Web Ride Icons15Km

The 15 km Let's Get Lost Ride is safe and not too technical and is suitable for experienced riders and fit novices that want to experience cycling in the bush.
The Let's Get Lost ride starts at 11h15.

Categories: Open, Junior (15-19), Youth (1-14)

Download: Route Map - 15km Let's Get Lost Ride
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Web Ride Icons5Km

The 5 km Junior ride is safe and non-technical and is suitable for young riders and those who want to enjoy a family ride.
The Junior ride starts at 10h00.

Categories: Youth (1-14)

Download: Route Map - 5km Fun Ride
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Terms, Conditions and Indemnity

Mathaithai 2019 - Terms, Conditions and Indemnity
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Prize Monies - 2019 Events

The 2019 Mathaithai prize pool totals almost R50000 across various categories. The details of prizes in the Trail Run and MTB Race events can be downloaded below.

Mathaithai 2019 - Trail Run Prize Monies
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Mathaithai 2019 - MTB Race Prize Monies
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Market & Food Stalls

A variety of market stalls and food stalls will be available. Children's entertainment will include various games and activities throughout the day for our younger participants.

We invite interested stall holders to apply if they wish to sell suitable products and good food at Mathaithai this year.

The below stalls will be considered:

  • Traders who sell home or hand-crafted products, unique and creative quality products that you won’t find in commercial stores. 
  • Traders who sell running and mountain bike-related merchandise, for the runners and cyclists partaking in the Mathaithai Trail Run & MTB Race. 
  • Traders who sell produce and snacks such as fresh, seasonal fruit & vegetables, cheeses, olives, homemade sauces & dips and so much more. 
  • Traders who sell good gourmet or traditional foods, which look good and taste great!

The guidelines for running a market stall and the application form can be downloaded below.

Mathaithai Market & Food Stall Guidelines & Application Form
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Mathaithai 2018 Gallery

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