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In 2018 Lebone II – College of the Royal Bafokeng celebrated the significant milestone of our 20th year. This important occasion gave us pause to reflect on the 20 year history of our school, the vision and aspirations of our founders, the diversity and success of our students, as well as our remarkable potential for the future.

Lebone 20 Years

Our Lebone Aloe

Lebone II started our celebrations with the aloe, Lebone's school logo. The aloe represents our African roots and traditions, and symbolises both wisdom and integrity. Importantly, the aloe is the symbol that reminds us to be adaptable and resilient, and brings to mind our vision to provide the inspiration, education and opportunities that will positively influence the Royal Bafokeng Nation, and the world.

20 Acts of Service

At Lebone II we have a proud tradition of community participation, and community impact is woven into all aspects of our schooling. Here we speak about service, relevance and impact and everyone; students and staff, takes part.

In 2018, as part of Lebone’s 20 Year celebration, our school committed to completing 20 Acts of Service in our greater community. Each act, for each year of Lebone’s existence, served to remind us to use our talents and abilities to help those in need, and provided the background to our students’ lifelong roles as leaders and citizens in our local, regional and global communities.


Each student and staff member completed their own 20 Acts of Service in 2018.

Water for Cape Town

We sent love to Cape Town in the form of water during the drought.

Bread tags for a cause

Lebone students diligently collected plastic bread tags for recycling, and with the proceeds were able to hand over a brand new wheelchair to the MTS Frail Care Home in Tlhabane. 

Going green for frogs

Our Lower School held a 'Leap for Frogs' drive to raise money and awareness for these little creatures, who play an important part in our school's ecosystem.

Hospice Donation

Lebone collected clothing, household goods, canned foods and toys for Hospice Rustenburg.

Lefaragatlhe Youth Centre

Lebone's boarding students assisted a feeding scheme at the Lefaragatlhe Youth Centre over weekends, where they also entertained the children with various games and activities. 

Wacky Socks Day

On Wacky Socks Day we collected blankets and socks as part of our winter drive.

'Paper4Bread' Campaign

Every student and staff member is collecting used white paper, which is then taken for recycling, and the money earned in the campaign is used for outreach projects.

Making 'Snugglers'

On Mandela Day we made ‘snugglers’; water-proof sleeping bags from recycled newspaper and plastics, for people living on the streets of our community.'

Our Adopted Cheetahs

Our Grade R Hornbill and Guineafowl classes raised money to take care of Lily and Jules, our adopted cheetahs at the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre in De Wildt. 

Shoes Collection

Our Grade 1 classes collected shoes for the children at Vuka Primary Farm School. 

SPCA Donation

Our students collected dog and cat food, newspapers and blankets for the Rustenburg SPCA.

A warm thank you!

Lebone students served coffee and rusks to our campus security guards and gardeners, to say thank you for all they do!

Plastic Fantastic!

The recycled plastic from our school goes to the Owl Rescue Centre in Hartebeespoort.

Toiletries Collection

Our Lower School students collected toiletries for residents of a local Old Aged Home.

Shapes & Sharing

Our students spent a morning teaching young students from Semane Preschool about shapes.

Give Blood, Give Life

Lebone II held three Community Blood Donation drives in 2018; where Lebone families, eligible students and members of our school community donated blood, in order to assist in ensuring  sufficient stock of safe blood is available in South Africa. 

Bottle tops for a cause

Lebone's students are collecting 450kg of plastic bottle tops which will be exchanged for a wheelchair.

Lebone's Interact Club

Lebone's Interact Club assisted in various community projects at the Lighthouse Children's Home in Rustenburg, Martha's House in Phokeng and the SOS Children's Home in Tlhabane.

Maths Magic

Throughout 2018 teachers and teaching interns in the Lebone Mathematics Department gave their time to teach maths to students in a programme for schools in our community. 

Christmas Boxes

At the end of 2018 our Lebone students and their families packed Christmas gift boxes for children at Martha’s House and Agnes’ House.

The Lebone Festival 2018

The Lebone Festival was an exciting celebration of the school's 20th Anniversary commemoration in 2018. A number of wonderful, celebratory events took place in  week of 15 – 18 August, which culminated in our inaugural Lebone Festival on 18 August.

Lebone Festival Logo
Sarafina Square
Mathaithai Square

Be the Legacy

“It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it.” – Nelson Mandela

18 July marked what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. At Lebone II we  honoured Madiba’s centenary by making our commitment to follow his call to make our world a better place. With every small act of kindness, Mandela’s legacy can continue to thrive and improve the world in every small, or big way, possible.

The Lebone II Archive

Our 20 year commemoration in 2018 was an opportunity to reflect; on the aspirations of our community 20 years ago, the progress the school has made over the 20 years past and the direction that Lebone will be taking in the future.

As part of our celebration we launched the Lebone II Archive, which aims to collect photographs, documents, publications, written histories, memorabilia, student works and other records that document the activities of our staff and students throughout the school's history.

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Keteko ya Lebone 2018

We closed our year of festivities with our celebration of 2018, Keteko ya Lebone. As always, Keteko was a fun evening of music, dance and festivity for our Lebone family and community, as we came to the end of our 20th year.

Keteko 2018