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We believe in HUMILITY. Whatever we teach or learn here, we're still people, and part of our community.
Re dumela go BOIKOKOBETSO. Sengwe le sengwe se re se rutang kgotsa re se ithutang, re santse re le batho, gape le karolo ya morafe.

In 2018, as part of Lebone’s 20 Year celebration, our school committed to completing 20 Acts of Service in our greater community. Each act, for each year of Lebone’s existence, served to remind us to use our talents and abilities to help those in need, and provided the background to our students’ lifelong roles as leaders and citizens in our local, regional and global communities.

1. #20Each

At Lebone II we believe that everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better. When you decide to notice, when you decide to act, when you decide to make a difference (even in a small way), you have taken the first step in changing the world.

Through our #20Each project, students and staff members committed to each completing their own 20 acts of service. These individual acts could be related to service at the school (such as volunteering, blood donation, and other meaningful service needs), or in our community (as part of a school initiative or a self-driven project that addressed a community need). Each student and staff member on our campus who completed their #20Each were recognised with a '20 Acts of Service' pin.

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Some of the Lebone students who were awarded their '20 Acts of Service' pins this year

2. Sending love to Cape Town

In January 2018 our Lebone II students collected water for the residents of Cape Town, who were facing a water crisis as a result of ongoing drought in the Cape provinces. On Valentine’s Day our students sent 804 five litre bottles of water by road to Cape Town, a Valentine’s gift that was transported and delivered to the City by the Gift of the Givers.

We warmly thank our enthusiastic Lebone team who facilitated this collection, and our Lebone students and families who donated so generously to this worthy cause. Our sincere thanks go to Gift of the Givers, who lead an exceptional national campaign to collect and deliver water to the Cape, for their support in delivering our gift.

Dsc 9355
Dsc 9430
Img 6434

3. A brand new wheelchair

Since 2014 our Lebone students diligently collected plastic bread tags for recycling. The recycler donates a wheelchair for each 50kg of tags that is sent to them, and in February Lebone was able to hand over a brand new wheelchair to the MTS Frail Care Home in Tlhabane.

Lebone sincerely thanks Sister Sherry Dwyer from the Lebone Wellness Centre for her continued drive of this project as well as Dr Cathy Dzerefos of WESSA Eco-Schools, South Africa for her support.

Wheelchair 1

4. Going Green for Frogs

Frogs are a very important part of our ecosystem, especially at Lebone where they hatch during the January and February rains and set off across our campus.

Our Lower School held a 'Leap for Frogs' drive to raise awareness of these little creatures and enjoyed a wonderful day with songs, a puppet show and frog crafts! All monies raised went to the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Threatened Amphibian Programme and the protection and conservation of our country’s most endangered frog species.

Frogs 1
Frogs 2
Frogs 3

5. Hospice Donation

In the first term our Lower School students and their families generously collected clothing, household goods, canned foods and toys for Hospice Rustenburg. These items were displayed in our own “Hospice Shop” before being donated to the Hospice Charity Shop, where they will be sold to raise funds for Hospice’s programmes, which provide free of charge, home-based palliative care to terminally ill people and their families in the greater Rustenburg community. We would like to thank our Lebone families for their support in this initiative.

Dsc 1630
Dsc 1628
Dsc 1624

6. Lefaragatlhe Youth Centre

Lebone's boarding students assisted a feeding scheme at the Lefaragatlhe Youth Centre over weekends, where they also entertained the children with various games and activities. This youth centre is a safe haven for vulnerable children, who participate in various care programmes.

Lefa 1
Lefa 2
Lefa 3

7. Wacky Socks Day - Winter Drive

Our Lower School students collected blankets and socks in a winter drive for those in need. At the end of the second term they all are wore their wackiest socks to raise awareness for their drive to collect more blankets and socks, which were distributed by the Lions Club of Rustenburg.


8. 'Paper4Bread' Campaign

Lebone II learners aim to impact our world through meaningful, kind and innovative actions. We call this "shining our light".

Atlegang Dikgang in Grade 10 launched a “Paper4Bread campaign” at Lebone II College through the WESSA Schools Programme. He has encouraged every staff member and student to collect used white paper, which is then taken for recycling. R1.65 is paid for every kilogram of paper collected, and Atlegang has used the money earned in the campaign for outreach projects, such as buying bread for those that are hungry.

Everyone at Lebone II now plays a role in ensuring that paper is not sent to a wasteful landfill but is used wisely to generate income and show a responsibility towards the community and the environment.

Atlegang's wonderful campaign caught the attention of the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA), and he was awarded the WESSA Youth Award for 2018.

WESSA has, for the past 92 years, contributed to the environmental movement in South Africa and beyond. The goal of the WESSA Awards is to give recognition to people, groups or institutions who advance the cause of environmental conservation and/or education in South Africa in an exceptional and sustained manner.

Atlegang accepted the award at a prestigious ceremony held in Port Elizabeth. In giving the award WESSA said; "the adjudication panel were unanimous in their decision which reiterates the hard work and dedication which you have displayed. Your commitment, passion and hard work which you have displayed to the environmental movement at such a young age is admirable. You are an inspiration to South African youth, and we are honoured to present you with the Youth Award this year."

Sorted White Ledger Waste Paper 386802

9. Mandela Day - Making 'Snugglers'

On Mandela Day our Lebone II students, staff, families and school community made ‘snugglers’; water-proof sleeping bags from recycled newspaper and plastics, which were then given to people living on the streets of our community. Lebone worked on this project with the Lions Club of Rustenburg, and made ‘snugglers’ at the school, and at our local mall by assisting members of our school community to make their own contributions. We made well over 100 ‘snugglers’ in one day. Lebone II warmly thanks the Lions Club of Rustenburg for their support of this project.


10. Our Adopted Cheetahs

Our Grade R Hornbill and Guineafowl classes are proud to introduce you to Lily and Jules, our adopted cheetahs at the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre - De Wildt. The Grade R classes raised money during Nelson Mandela week which goes towards Jules and Lily’s care for the next year, including food, vet visits and improvements to their homes. The centre let us know that Jules has a sweet personality and runs at impressive speeds, and that Lily is a gentle girl who is always ready for cuddles. Welcome, Jules and Lily, to our Lebone family!

Grade R Hornbills Adopted Cheetah Lilly
The Grade Rs Are Proud Parents Of Two Female Cheetahs Lilly And Jules
Grade R Guinea Fowls Adopted Cheetah Jules

11. Shoes Collection

Lebone's Grade 1 students held a drive to collect shoes for the children from nearby Vuka Farm School. They learnt to 'donate, not dump', and care was taken to ensure that each pair of shoes was completely clean, fixed and usable for their friends.

The Grade 1S Collected Shoes For Vuka Farm School
Img 0118
Img 0122

12. SPCA Donation

Animals enrich our lives in so many ways. They give us joy, protection, companionship, and unconditional love. Our tough economic times mean less money but more animals in need of help. The Rustenburg SPCA's aim is to promote the proper care of all animals – through advancing awareness in the communities they serve, including our school's community.

Lebone's students collected dog and cat food, blankets, and newspapers for our furry friends at the Rustenburg SPCA.

The Grade 2 Bees At The Rustenburg Spca Where They Handed Over Their Mandela Day Donation
Frc 1
Grade 2 Butterflies Handing Over Their Donation To The Rustenburg Spca

13. A warm thank you!

Lebone II has a committed and experienced team who ensure the smooth delivery of all of the College’s activities. Each staff member deserves our appreciation for the roles they perform every day.

Our Lebone students served hot coffee and rusks to our campus security guards and gardeners to say thank you for their efforts, and their dedication to our school.

Img 20180726 081652
Img 20180726 081249

14. Plastic Fantastic!

Throughout the year the Grade 5 students recycled plastic for the Owl Rescue Centre in Hartbeespoort. They were assisted by students across the school who helped to collect all types of plastic bottles and containers.

The Owl Rescue Centre uses this recycled plastic to build owl houses which are on sale to the public. Lebone has bought a number of owl houses which will go up on our campus and be used to teach our students and staff more about these fascinating birds.

Owl Houses Produced From Waste Plastic
Gr 5 Owls Collect Plastic For The Owl Rescue Centre To Build Owl Houses
20180611 101649

15. Toiletries Collection

Our Lebone II students collected toiletries for the residents of a local Old Aged Home in nearby Tlhabane. Each package included a toothbrush and toothpaste, a soap, a facecloth, deodorant, body cream and some sweets. These gifts were gratefully received by the residents who also loved spending time and chatting with our students on their visit.

Img 20180808 091351

16. Shapes & Sharing

When our Grade 7 students were learning more about 2D and 3D shapes, they spent a fun morning with visiting students from Semane Preschool and were glad to assist their small friends to learn more about shapes too!

Library 3
Library 2

17. Give blood, give life

Blood donors give patients the gift money cannot buy or science cannot create. A unit of blood can save up to three lives as blood is separated into red blood cells, plasma and platelets.

Lebone II held three Community Blood Donation drives in 2018; where Lebone families, eligible students and members of our school community donated blood to assist to ensure there is sufficient stock of safe blood available in South Africa.

Img 0141
Blood 2
Blood 1

18. Bottle tops for a cause

After the successful “bread tags for a wheelchair” collection, the Grade 6 students were inspired to do the same. Throughout this year they have been collecting plastic bottle tops which will be exchanged for a wheelchair, and they have all the students across the school collecting bottle tops from home and their communities to assist. This is a wonderful initiative which will ultimately help someone to become mobile and will help our environment, whilst at the same time teaching us all to be humble and caring.

Bottle Tops

19. Lebone's Interact Club

"Community Service helps you grow as a person. For every soul you are willing to help, you are helping yours too." - Ketlametswe Moagi, President of the Lebone Interact Club

Rotary International empowers young people in communities to take action, develop leadership skills, and gain a global perspective through Interact Clubs. These clubs bring together young people ages 12 to 18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self.

Throughout this year Lebone's Interact Club assisted in various community projects at the Lighthouse Children's Home in Rustenburg, Martha's House in Phokeng and the SOS Children's Home in Tlhabane. They also spent much time this year on fundraising and have raised a significant amount of money to be used in next year's projects.

Lebone II's Interact Club is sponsored by the Rustenburg Rotary Club, and we thank them for their ongoing support to our school.

Inteact 1
Inteact 2

20. Mathematics Magic

Throughout 2018 teachers and teaching interns in the Lebone Mathematics Department have given their time to teach maths to students in a programme for schools in our community. This additional support has been vital for students, many of whom were writing their final exams this year.

Maths 1
Maths 2
Maths 3

21. Christmas boxes, with love

At the end of the year our Lebone students and their families packed Christmas gift boxes for children at Martha’s House and Agnes’ House. Martha’s House and Agnes’ House provide care for orphaned and vulnerable children in our community, and these gift boxes, which are packed specially for each individual child, include toiletry- and stationery necessities for the year ahead, clothing and shoes, and a special Christmas gift.

We warmly thank our Lebone students and their families for their wonderful acts of kindness, and generosity in sharing what they have this Christmas.

Christmas 3
Christmas 2
Christmas 4
Christmas 6
Christmas 5